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Uzma Williams

Registered Provisional Psychologist, Assessment Specialist, EMDR Trained

Open to Assessment Clients

St. Albert and Sherwood Park
Uzma's Fee: $200/hour

Direct Billing to:

  • Alberta Blue Cross

  • Medavie Blue Cross

Reimbursed by:

  • Sunlife

  • Canada Life

  • Others

Who is Uzma?

Uzma Williams is a highly experienced psychometrician who specializes in assessment for RCMP, Veterans, and others who work in a high-stress environment. Working with Uzma will provide you with the tools you need for your mental health challenges to be understood and compensated. Uzma is kind, non-judgmental, and aspires to provide all her clients the best outcome possible.

RCMP Specialization

Your service deserves to be recognized.

Policing is one of the most challenging careers in Canada. The toll on a member’s mental health is heavy. Many who join service do not fully realize the realities of policing on their mental health. The pressure to balance work and home piles up, and it becomes difficult to make sense of it all. Before you know it, your life has changed because of your service.


Mental health can be difficult to understand, especially when it is often hidden or judged at the workplace. Your disturbances may confuse or scare you. Disproportionate anger, a desire to isolate yourself from others, inability to sleep, mood swings, and detachment from reality are all just a few things that you may suffer from. Uzma is here to help you find the road to recovery.

Asking for help is an act of bravery.

How Can Uzma Help You?

Uzma is a provisional psychologist who conducts full mental health assessments so you can better understand yourself. For RCMP and CAF members, she can help you complete a VAC psychological assessment form, which will acknowledge the trauma and other mental health symptoms you have faced in duty.

What Other Assessments Can Uzma Perform?

Uzma can help you understand yourself.

While Uzma specializes in VAC trauma assessment for RCMP and Canadian Forces members, she also provides a number of assessment services for multiple other concerns. If you feel distressed by your own behaviour at times, feel that you cannot focus on work and tasks, or feel consumed by thoughts and feelings that are out of your control, a psychological assessment can help you make sense of it all. Uzma is trained in providing in-depth diagnostic assessments that can help you figure out your mental health. Some specific assessments Uzma can guide you through include assessments of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, depression, sexual disorders, sleep disorders, and personality disorders.

More About Uzma

Uzma completed her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Rehabilitation Sciences from McMaster University focusing on disability and health outcomes. She has also earned Master's in Counselling Psychology as well as Family Practice and Ecology. She has been a sessional professor at MacEwan University in the Police and Investigations programs since 2014 and co-editor of a textbook on police officers and mental health.

Want to learn more about the full mental health assessment?

Here is the profile of an active RCMP member with 10 years of service. The black line represents the member's scores on various mental health symptoms/disorders. In his case, the circled-black peaks represent an anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Lower, in green, is a comparison to the scores of police officers at the start of their careers. The difference between current functioning and pre-policing is a sad reality - nonetheless this graph represents the functioning of the average police officer and highlights the daily personal challenges many police officers endure.

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