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Therapy for Stress and Burnout

Everyone experiences stress at one point or another, however, prolonged or chronic stress can have serious consequences to not just your mental health, but also your physical health. Stress has been linked to anxiety, inability to relax, depression, insomnia, headaches, increased blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and even diabetes. 


How Can Therapy Help?

Therapy helps you address the underlying life events that are causing the chronic stress. Stress due to work issues, parenting, divorce, medical illness, a family member in crisis, perfectionism or the loss of a loved one are some situations that may lead to chronic stress.

Unable to Relax?

When you give your all and work hard, you also deserve and need to relax, otherwise burn out results. Stress makes it impossible to relax - you feel like moving, you may feel guilty for not being busy, or you tell yourself that you’re doing something wrong by relaxing. 


Therapy can help you learn skills to help you relax, as well as address the reasons why you are having a hard time calming yourself.

Covid-19 Related Stress

Covid-19 has taken it's toll on everyone, but the most affected are medical health professionals and other front line workers who have taken on significant stress for the rest of us. 

If you are working long hours, endure stressful shifts, or are overworked, therapy can help you gain valuable skills to help you de-stress and get through this difficult time. 

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