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Therapy for Seniors

Our counsellors can help seniors through difficult times.Whether it is helping seniors through grief, coping with medical diagnosis, or getting used to retirement, our power team of counsellors can help seniors live their best life.

Life Transitions

We go through several major transitions during our lifetime, including graduation, career changes, marriage, having children, becoming grandparents, and retiring. Older adults experience impactful life changes such as becoming empty nesters, dealing with aging, becoming grandparents, retirement, personal loss, moving to a new place, and health changes. Life changes can be difficult and cause a person to experience a fear of losing control, independence, and changing. It is important to develop effective coping strategies, healthy habits and a positive mindset during this time. Our counsellors are happy to help you through all the major changes that happen during this phase of your life.


Everyone has their own, unique way of grieving the loss of a relationship, a loved one, a separation from a partner or friend, or a pet. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but it is important to remember that you don't have to go through this alone. Our compassionate counsellors are trained to help you process and accept your loss while providing you with a caring environment and effective coping strategies that promote resilience and healing.

Grief & Loss Counselling


Retirement Counselling

Retirement is an exciting milestone in life, but it can sometimes be disorienting and be accompanied with feelings of anxiety, grief, confusion, worthlessness, and boredom. 

We can help you find fulfilment and joy by focusing on what brings excitement to your life.


For all too many veterans, returning from military or police service means coping with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The trauma may relate to direct combat or policing duties, witnessing crimes, getting assaulted, being in a dangerous war zone, taking part in peacekeeping missions, and other life threatening or stressful situations. 

If you are a veteran who suffers from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insomnia, or any other difficult feelings associated with your time in service, we can help! 

Military and RCMP Veterans

Counselling for Seniors in Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park

Senior Anchor

Carla Hett Smith

RCSW (Registered Clinical Social Worker), EMDR Trained

Accepting New Clients

St. Albert


Linda Mah

Registered Psychologist, EMDR Trained.

Accepting New Clients

Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park


Peter Gregg

BA, MACP, R. Psych. Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Trained

Accepting New Clients

Sherwood Park


Nadja Hansen

Registered Provisional Psychologist, EMDR Trained

Accepting New Clients

Sherwood Park


Chantal Rose

Registered Provisional Psychologist, EMDR Trained

Accepting New Clients



Mark Paradis


Accepting New Clients

Sherwood Park


Paulette Rodziewicz

Registered Psychologist, EMDR Trained

Accepting New Clients

St. Albert and Sherwood Park

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