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Play Therapy

Play therapy is an effective treatment for children under 12 to help them process difficult memories, thoughts and feelings.

What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy or child therapy is a treatment approach that is proven to be effective for a children under 12 years. Play therapy helps children process and communicate difficult thoughts, memories and emotions by using toys, games, and the child’s own imagination.


Play therapy may involve painting, crafting, sand tray activities, dolls, puppets, music, dress up and imaginative play to engage children in the therapeutic process. 


How can Play Therapy Help Children?

It may appear like regular play time, but a trained therapist can use play therapy to gain valuable insights into a child’s problems.

Play therapy is a type of therapy used to help children between under 12 years old process difficult to describe emotions, discuss traumatic memories, and articulate their problems to the therapist.


Play therapy techniques can help children:


  • Build stronger family bonds

  • Learn to express their feelings

  • Cope with difficult memories and emotions

  • Process trauma

  • Develop stronger social skills

  • Gain confidence

  • Empathize with others

  • Learn responsibility

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