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Nicole Wilson

Master’s in Counselling Psychology Practicum Student

Accepting New Clients

Sherwood Park - Virtual and In-Person Sessions
Nicole's Rate: $6

All people go through difficult times. It is important to know you are not alone in your journey. Nicole provides individual counselling to adults and adolescents for concerns such as anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, grief, loss, relationship issues, life transitions, and stress. She works with clients to bring forward their inner strengths and resiliency, as well as building skills to support healing and move them towards their goals. 

Who Can Nicole Help?

Since she can remember, Nicole has been interested in a career in mental health. This interest became a passion when she started working with and supporting teens and young adults engaging in high-risk behaviours. She saw how important mental health support can be and became committed to continuing this line of work. Nicole has experience working with adolescents and young adults from diverse and marginalized backgrounds presenting a wide range of mental health concerns.

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Anxiety Disorders

Nicole helps individuals who experience generalized anxiety, social anxiety, performance anxiety, and panic attacks to recognize and challenge the unhelpful beliefs that perpetuate feelings of anxiety.

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Life Transitions

Nicole provides support to her clients as they go through major life transitions such as becoming a parent, getting a divorce, graduating school, moving to a new place, retiring, becoming empty nesters and more.

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Emotional Regulation

Nicole works with you to understand your triggers and develop effective strategies to help you better manage and regulate complex emotions and explosive reactions.

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Depression & Grief

If you are feeling depressed, know that you're not alone and you will feel better with time. Nicole works with individuals to help them become more present, resilient and positive in there day to day lives.

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Stress and Burnout

Stress can have a big impact on your wellbeing. Nicole works with you to get a handle on your stress by improving resilience, setting boundaries, and developing various skills to help you relax.

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Relationship Issues

Nicole provides a non-judgemental space to discuss relationship issues and find solutions so that you can feel good about the relationships in your life.

Nicole's Approaches

Nicole has an integrated approach to counselling that combines acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy, and cognitive-behavioural therapy.  Her approach is centred around the idea that individuals are the expert of their own lives and therefore that should be honoured throughout the counselling experience. Her goal is to create a space that is safe, non-judgemental and can foster a collaborative relationship.  

More about Nicole

Nicole is an avid outdoors person and spends most of her free time outside in some capacity (camping, hiking, snowboarding) with her family and sweet pooch, Lulu. She has a very adventurous 2-year-old daughter who keeps her on her toes constantly. She is also a BIG foodie and loves to experiment with different recipes, restaurants, and dishes. For downtime, Nicole enjoys watching home renovation shows. When her family is not out exploring nature, you can find her scheming up home renovation plans and doing DIY renovation projects. She is a forever learner and is always looking for new learning opportunities and training to enhance my counselling practice.

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