Nadja Hansen

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Registered Provisional Psychologist, EMDR Trained

With over a decade of experience working with adults, youths and children, Nadja can help you embrace your strengths and life experiences as you transition to lasting balance and happiness. 

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Who Can Nadja Help?

Nadja welcomes bookings for clients of all backgrounds and abilities, as well as couples who wish to flourish and experience lasting balance in their lives.





Counselling for Children

Children have very different counselling needs than adults. Instead of talking through their feelings and experiences, children benefit from the healing power of play.

This approach can support children with a variety of concerns and conditions including trauma, anxiety, ADHD, depression, divorce, bullying, self-confidence and learning issues, among many others. 

She received formal training through Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute and is currently working toward her certification in play therapy. 

Nadja utilizes a fully equipped play room with items specifically selected for children to express themselves in a therapeutic space.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

The characteristics of autism spectrum disorder present unique challenges for individuals and families. Regardless of the age or ability, individuals on the autism spectrum benefit from growth in the areas of emotional expression, regulation, awareness, social communication and building connections.

Our world is filled with hidden rules and constant changes that require many skills to navigate. Unfortunately, individuals and families navigating the world of autism often experience isolation, anxiety and depression. With over a decade of experience working with individuals with autism of all ages and abilities, Nadja is uniquely trained to support you and your family as you progress on this unique journey.

More About Nadja

Nadja creates and maintains a safe space to explore recurring setbacks, distressing memories, difficulty coping  with emotions and challenging life situations.

She has experience with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), autism spectrum disorder, childhood trauma, couples therapy and more.

Nadja's Approaches

Nadja uses a collaborative strength-based approach to therapy that is grounded in evidence-based practice, as well as an integrative approach that includes cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy (SFT), attachment-based therapy and EMDR.

Counselling for Seniors

Many of us look forward to our golden years. Retirement can offer many opportunities to enjoy the next phase in life and to spend time doing things we love with the people we love. Although aging is a natural process, transitions can be very difficult. When working with seniors, Nadja encourages her clients to draw from their lifetime of experience, courage and wisdom to explore current setbacks, increase coping through losses, loneliness, changes in identity and level of independence.


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