Available Starting January 2022

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Madison Johnston

Practicum Student - Available from Jan- Aug 2022

Accepting New Clients

Madison's Fee: $60/hour

Madison is a Master of Arts in Counselling student at Yorkville University who has been working in the mental health field since her graduation in 2016. She has primarily worked in substance use, as well as child and family services. Madison has an array of experience with different cultural backgrounds and age ranges. She is trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and has a special interest in narrative therapy, but emphasizes the importance of an integrated approach that best fits her clients.

Who Can Madison Help?








First Responders






Trauma & PTSD

Madison is trained to help individuals who have experienced one or more traumatic events and live with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the trauma. She provides a safe and supportive space where her clients can process complicated feelings, beliefs and memories associated with the traumatic experience.


Anxiety Disorders

Madison specializes in treating anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety, performance anxiety, and panic disorders in children, teenagers and adults. She uses cognitive behavioural therapy to help her clients recognize and challenge unhealthy beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.


Anger Issues

Counselling for anger management focuses on learning specific behavioural skills and ways of thinking so you can cope with anger. Madison helps her clients develop valuable and effective strategies to improve emotional regulation, impulse control, and anger management such as breathing techniques and relaxation strategies.


Eating Disorders

Madison provides a compassionate and supportive environment for teenagers and adults who are living with disordered eating, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder; as well as for individuals who experience disordered exercise practices and body image issues.



Depression can cause an individual to feel overwhelmingly sad, hopeless and demotivated. Madison uses cognitive behavioural therapy to help people living with depression challenge harmful negative thoughts and beliefs, while helping them develop effective strategies to overcome feelings of sadness.


Behavioural Issues

Behavioural issues in children and teenagers are often linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), conduct disorder, or oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). Madison has experience in help children and teenagers with behavioural issues improve communication, emotional control and self-esteem.


Grief and Loss

Grief is a natural response to a devastating loss and there is no right way to grieve. The pain of loss can trigger all kinds of difficult emotions including shock, disbelief, guilt, anger, and profound sadness. Madison can help you through the different stage of grief to help you process the loss and begin to find ways to move on.


Relationship Issues

Madison provides couples with a non-judgemental and safe environment to openly communicate feelings, intimacy issues, infidelity, trust issues, stressors and parenting disagreements. Madison works with all kinds of couples including heterosexual, homosexual, monogamous, polyamorous and open relationships.

What Does Madison Treat?

Madison uses a variety of approaches depending on the individual needs of her clients. She is trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, and dialectic behavioural therapy. Madison worked with Catholic Social Services as a Family Enrichment Worker where she applied her knowledge of cognitive behavioural therapy to work with families looking to reunify, following court orders on access, supervising visits, and completing session work with families.

Madison's Approaches

More About Madison

Madison grew up on a cattle farm in Saskatchewan, and has been living in Edmonton for 2 years. She completed her undergrad in North Dakota, where she was playing varsity volleyball until she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in substance misuse. She still enjoys playing volleyball whenever she has the opportunity. She also enjoys spending time with her two very needy pets, her dog Margaret, and her cat Noodle.