Laura Flis

MA Counselling Psychology Student, EMDR Trained

Existing Clients Only

Sherwood Park and Edmonton

Laura's Fee: $60/hour

Laura is a firm believer that people have more strengths than they are aware of and she looks forward to supporting her clients as they discover their own internal fortitude and resilience. After working as a Law Enforcement Officer for almost a decade, Laura is excited to embark on a new journey. 

Who can Laura help? 

Laura is passionate about helping her clients heal through the discovery of their strengths and the development of new skills. She works with adults and adolescents facing a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety, performance issues, and various life transitions.





How can Laura help? 

Laura’s experience in law enforcement has fostered an understanding of the unique challenges faced by the first responder community. From this perspective, Laura recognizes the impact a strong therapeutic alliance can have on growth and change if it is established in a respectful and collaborative way. 

Laura’s Approaches 

Laura approaches clients primarily from a strength-based, solution focused perspective and also incorporates aspects of CBT and Mindfulness when tailoring her approach to her client’s specific needs.

More about Laura 

Laura also competed as a high-level national and international athlete, and coached competitive athletes for many years. This background has allowed her to develop a unique skillset suited to working with clients who are seeking assistance with counselling related issues, as well as those who want to focus on performance related concerns.