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Team Couples Counselling

Edmonton (Virtual and In-person)

Fee: $200/hour or $300/1.5 hours

Josée Ouellette

Canadian Certified Counsellor

David C. Watson

PhD, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Accepting New Clients (Counselling in French and English)

Josée and David are committed to helping couples with a variety of issues including: loss and grief, life transitions, trauma, affairs, conflict resolution, attachment, communication, goal setting, commitment and trust, emotional expression and understanding. As a team, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience combining David’s background as an academic and researcher in the field of psychology and Josee’s extensive clinical experience in the field.

Who Can Josée and David Help?

Josée and David provide couples with an open and non-judgemental environment to address relationship issues and build a stronger bond. They work with couples collaboratively by identifying areas of strength and areas that are in need of growth. Josee and David have trained in the Gottman Method and support couples with identifying patterns of distancing and closeness to facilitate stronger attachment. Josee and David also work with a developmental model that helps couples grow and heal.

Grief Counselling

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss can be a difficult experience for anyone to go through and everyone grieves differently. Whether dealing with the loss of a loved one, your job, or even financial security, Josée and David work with couples to provide recommendations on how to support one another as they move through the stages of grief to process, accept, heal and move on from the loss


Trust and Intimacy

Trust issues in a marriage or relationship can be one of the most difficult barriers to overcome. Josée and David help individuals who have trust issues due to previous trauma, and couples who are working on repairing broken trust. It also enables partners who are unable to be vulnerable with each other to start developing closeness and intimacy by resolving unspoken fear and anxiety that led them into the cycle of distrust.


Conflict Resolution and Communication

Relationship breakdown is often attributed to poor conflict resolution and communication skills. The presence of trust and healthy communication is necessary for every relationship’s success. When couples are unable to express themselves and discuss their grievances, it can result in feeling misunderstood, unheard and silenced. Issues with communication may be due to childhood circumstances, cultural background, and/or newfound stress, among other things. Counselling helps open up the lines of communication through active listening, empathy and respect.


Life Transitions

Throughout our relationship, we go through many life transitions together. Marriage, moving in together, having children, becoming empty nesters or even retiring can have profound effects on relationship. Josée and David help couples navigate these life changes while nurturing a positive, encouraging and understanding environment for one another.



Couples will often enter counselling when infidelity has brought the relationship to its knees and they feel like it cannot be saved. Infidelity is very damaging to a relationship, but with work and open communication with Josée and David, couples can learn how to recover and rebuild their marriage following an affair.

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