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Finding JOY

Our wish at Power Psychology & Associates is that you can find JOY even in the most difficult of circumstances. I once read that the Dalai Lama said our biggest and most important task in life is to find JOY. Fear and trauma limit our capacity for JOY. When we turn on our JOY circuits, we turn off the fear circuit. Initially JOY can be fleeting. We might even feel guilt because JOY has come. However, the more we invite JOY, the more we make the path a little smoother and easier for JOY to find its way in. Some therapists, such as Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts, speak of the three energies that are important to bring to the table when we are facing struggles, concerns, and uncertainties. T

Words are Power

How is your New Year Resolution going? Are you like me? I make New Year’s resolution every year. I know it has been said that they don’t work, but I believe in them. Honestly, some I stick with some I don’t! I start by writing out what I want for the year, and then think about how I can get there. One of them is to get healthier! So I have been to the gym a handful of times already and it is filled with people with good intentions. It can be difficult to stick to your goals especially when it’s -40 outside and your sons hockey season is filling up your schedule like the snow on your sidewalk! Does shovelling snow count? Something that has helped me obtain my goals over the years is chang


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