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Abigail Nyman

Master’s in Counselling Psychology Student at City University

Accepting New Clients

Abigail's Rate: $6

Abigail is a Master of Arts in Counselling student at City University. She uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), and play therapy techniques to help her clients work through their concerns while also acquiring helpful coping strategies.

Who Can Abigail Help?

Abigail enjoys meeting and working with individuals of all ages. With years of experience working in an early learning setting and as a social worker, she has developed a passion for working with children, teenagers, and young adults. Abigail provides a safe, compassionate, and non-judgemental environment where her clients can openly share their experiences and learn valuable coping strategies. 


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Play Therapy

Abigail applies play therapy techniques that use toys, puppets, role playing, and other interactive ways to help children understand and process difficult thoughts, memories, and feelings.

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If you are feeling depressed, know that you're not alone and there are ways for you to feel better. Abigail uses CBT and mindfulness techniques to help you become more present, resilient and positive.

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People often feel distress when they are remembering past events or worried for the future. Abigail helps her clients become more mindful and present through acceptance and mindfulness techniques.

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Grief & Loss

The reaction to loss is unique to every person. Abigail provides a compassionate space where you can process, accept and move on one day at a time. 

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Experiencing a traumatic event can feel confusing and overwhelming. Abigail can help you understand and process what happened and regain control of your feelings.

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Anxiety Disorders

Abigail can help individuals with anxiety challenge unhelpful belief systems while providing helpful strategies to be less worries and more present.

Abigail's Approaches

Abigail is trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which aims to help people identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts, feelings and beliefs that may be causing problems. She has previously used CBT techniques with young adults in her role as a Transitional Support Worker, as well as with children in early learning settings. Abigail also has a special interest in third-wave CBT, such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and dialectic behavioural therapy.

More about Abigail

Abigail is an active person who enjoys trail running, hiking, and climbing. If she is not running through nearby ravines, then she will likely be hiking in the mountains or rock climbing in the gym. She also enjoys painting, drawing, and generally being creative. Abigail completed her first degree in Fine
Arts. Through this process she became very interested in how artists depict and explore emotions.
She became particularly interested in artwork surrounding grief, loss, and trauma. Having become
inspired by many artists, she began her education in psychology, and her interest in those areas
have remained strong.

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