Mental Health Services

At Power Psychology, we believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered. Our team brings together a diverse range of specialties and experiences, so you can be sure that we have the expertise to meet your mental health needs and the empathy to understand them as well. We offer mental health services for children under 12, teenagers (13-19), adults (20-64), seniors (65+), families, and couples of all sexual orientations and relationship structures.

Individual Therapy

We provide caring individual therapy to people of all ages, backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.
mental health couples therapy

Couples Therapy

Work through relationship issues such us broken trust, intimacy issues, infidelity, & missing communication.
mental health family therapy

Family Therapy

We are here to support you in developing healthy bonds based on trust, openness, love and respect.
mental health child therapy

Children's Therapy

Children and youths face their own challenges and need a different approach during counselling.
mental health veteran therapy

RCMP and Veterans

Receive compassionate mental health care to recover from traumatic experiences that stayed with you.
mental health online therapy

Online Therapy

We are here to support you in developing healthy bonds based on trust, openness, love and respect.

Why Power Psychology?

We know that life can be difficult, and we believe in treating people with kindness and respect. That's why our team is committed to ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable as you work through your mental health concerns. We provide a compassionate environment with safety and support, so that you can begin to heal from whatever has been holding you back from living the life you deserve.

VAC Mental Health Assessments

We provide full mental health assessments so you can understand yourself better. With the help of professional, you complete a VAC psychological form and assessment, which will acknowledge the trauma you have experienced due to your service to Canada. VAC assessments evaluate how your life has changed since you started serving the country and identify how your mental health has been affected.

Improve Your Mental Health

Our diverse team of therapists are trained to treat a variety of mental health conditions including various types of anxiety disorders, depression, trauma (PTSD), stress management, anger management, eating disorders, relationship issues, childhood trauma, life transitions, dealing with chronic illness, OCD, grief, low self-esteem, workplace problems, lack of motivation, gender and sexual identity acceptance and more. We also conduct psychological assessments for children, teenagers and adults.

Anger Issues

Anger doesn't have to control your life. You can learn ways to control your anger and become a more easygoing person

Anxiety Disorders

Learn helpful ways to reduce generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, test anxiety, phobias, and more.
mental health

Chronic Pain

Counselling can help people to manage their emotions and develop strategies to cope with their pain.
eating disorder

Eating Disorders

Regain control of your life by learning to improve your relationship with yourself, food and exercise.

Grief and Loss

Feel supported as you process, accept and heal from your loss in a caring and non-judgemental environment.

Mood Disorders

Gain a more positive perspective to help against depression, bipolar disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and more.
mental health stress


Recognize triggers, manage obsessions and control compulsions with the help of a trained  OCD therapist.

Personality Disorders

Learn how to better navigate the symptoms and cope with the challenges of your personality disorder
personal development

Personal Development

Focus on personal development and self care by improving motivation, discipline, organization, and ambition.  

Relationship Issues

Learn to navigate difficult relationship situations by setting boundaries, increasing trust, and improving communication.
childhood trauma

Self Esteem

Grow your self-esteem, build confidence, improve your body image, and get support as you overcome a poor self-image.
mental health lgbtq

Sexuality and Gender

We provide a safe and non-judgemental space where you freely explore your sexuality and gender identity.

Sleep Issues

Work through the issues that are affecting your sleep and improve sleep routine so that you can get a good night's sleep.

Stress & Burnout

If you're stressed from work, finances or life, counselling can give you the tools you need to handle anything.

Trauma and PTSD

We provide individuals, couples, and families with helpful strategies and guidance to empower them to cope with their trauma.
self esteem

Work Concerns

If you are feeling unmotivated, returning after a leave or having issues with your colleagues, counselling can help you feel good about going to work.

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